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featuring Alex Ratnikov

Vision Statement:
During the early 19th century, serious internal weaknesses developed in the Qing dynasty that left China vulnerable to Western, Japanese, and Russian imperialism. Many inspired to propagate their beliefs among the Chinese people hoping to gain penetration on political gain and economy advantages but what about indifferences between the art and fashion world? The East was more driven by traditional style, while the West had more of a charismatic appearance. As time would go on, both cultures began to combine rich texture and design, astonishing the fashion whores to seek exquisite taste. At this point, one would begin to settle in with the acceptance of both cultures, leading to transverse styles. Therefore, take on the imagination of a man who has presented himself with intentions to change minds through creeds of fashion and not through the art of war and politics.

Storyboard: Andrae Marcus 
Location: Shenzhen, China
Model: Alex Ratnikov
Photographer: Andrae Marcus 
Assistant: Vicki Lee
MUA: Alex Ratnikov
Hairstylist: Alex Ratnikov
Wardrobe: Andrae Marcus  & Alex Ratnikov
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